What's the Meaning of This?

Ring in 2020 with meaningful fresh flowers

Roses seem to get all the attention, don’t they?

Almost everybody knows that the rose symbolizes love. And we love love! But, in 2020, let’s resolve to branch out a little and find a few new flowers for our loved ones—flowers that carry with them all the hope and excitement of a new year (and a new decade to boot).


Most commonly seen in white (but also come in red, pink, or purple), the gorgeous anemone, with its dark center, symbolizes anticipation. And we can think of no better way to represent that universal feeling of counting down to a new year. (Ten, nine, eight….)


The classic hydrangea can be seen growing all over gardens here in Ohio as large bushes with big green leaves and flowers that ranges from blue and purple to pink and white. You'll also see the “limelight” variety, pictured here. You get a lot of bang for your buck with hydrangeas; for a relatively affordable price point, their round-shaped heads are massive, filling up a lot of visual space in any vase. They symbolize heartfelt emotions—which might help explain why they’re so popular for weddings.


These little guys sometimes get a bad rap (thanks, Carrie Bradshaw), but carnations are actually an affordable and underrated addition to any bouquet. Like roses, their meaning depends on their color—but, overall, this classic bloom symbolizes deep love, affection, and beauty. And, like scrunchies, we think they could make a comeback in 2020.


Another sometimes-underrated flower, alstroemeria can fill out just about any arrangement quite nicely, and they come in a wide variety of colors. Plus, they tend to last for weeks. Bonus: They symbolize wealth and prosperity—and who couldn’t use a little more of that in 2020, amirite?


Ah, aster. There are so. many. kinds. of aster available. With approximately 180 different recognized species, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. From the Ancient Greek word for “star,” their name describes the shape of their bloom. From Goldenrod to the “Monte Casino” variety pictured here, we think they make a fantastic filler flower. (And, technically, both mums and daisies are part of the aster family too!) They symbolize patience—which, let's face it, is something all of us could probably use a little more of? Maybe? Yep, same.


Mums are technically part of aster’s ginormous family tree (see above), but they’re very much an independent flower in their own right. Mostly considered a fall flower—mostly because they grow here locally in the fall—the mum (short for chrysanthemum) symbolizes optimism and joy. And we know that our new year’s resolutions will include a healthy dose of both please!

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Obviously, we highly recommend celebrating the start of 2020 with fresh flowers.

At Ampersand Flowers & Events, we have all of the above flowers—and then some—stocked in the shop this week, starting at just $1 a stem. That means you could brighten someone's entire year (or your own for that matter) for only a few bucks.

Flowers literally make you happier. There have been studies done to prove it. So stop by today!

We'll be here 11am-7pm Tuesday though Friday, and 10am-2pm on Saturday. Note: We will be open for our normal business hours on New Year's Eve (11am-7pm), but we'll be closed on New Year's Day (Wednesday, January 1, 2020).

Flower meanings found via TheFlowerExpert.com