How to Create a Gorgeous (Tiny) Arrangement

So you've stopped by Ampersand to pick up some fresh flowers... now what? Here are a few quick tips to make sure your flowers really stand out once you get them home and put them in a vase.


- Always cut the stems at an angle, which will allow for maximum water absorption.

- Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line. Bacteria in the water, usually from stray leaves & debris, is what will cause your flower to wilt faster.

STEP 1: Put your FOCAL FLOWER in the vase

- Your final creation can be up to 2x taller than your vase... but, the shorter the stem, the less visual space you'll need to fill in.

- So when you're only working with a few flowers, in a tiny vase, it's OK to cut the focal flower relatively short.

- Start small though! You can always cut more off the stem. (The opposite? Not so much.)

- In the above photo, the rose is considered the "focal flower." You CAN have more than one focal flower... just remember that odd numbers usually work best.


- You are using these flowers to literally “fill in” the rest of the arrangement.

- In the above photo, there are three different "filler flowers": the light purple mum, the piece of thistle, and the limonium (which we prefer 100% to baby's breath!)


- Be sure to pick out at least one stem of greenery when you're here at Ampersand Flowers & Events. (All of our greenery stems are only $2 each.)

- One stem of greenery can go a long way! Our greenery can usually be broken down into smaller pieces, to help you get more bang-for-your-buck.

- In the above photo, just one portion of one stem of some baby blue eucalyptus completed this look.

- This means you'll have more eucalyptus leftover to put somewhere else in your house! (And we just love the smell of fresh eucalyptus on a nightstand or bathroom counter.)

STEP 4: Enjoy your one-of-a-kind creation!

- Remember, arranging flowers is an art. And this is your work of art. So there are no wrong choices here! It’s 100% subjective.

- But if you ever need suggestions, stop by the shop anytime! We're always happy to answer questions or offer advice.

- We're open 11am until 7pm Tuesday through Friday, and usually from 10am until 2pm on Saturdays, unless there's a private event.

- Please be sure to look at our Facebook page on the day of your visit, to make sure there aren't any closures due to a private event.


- To keep your flowers fresher longer, try to change the water every 5 days or so, whenever you notice the water getting cloudy.

- Each time you change the water, be sure to cut another little bit off the stem of each flower (again, at an angle).

- Cut flowers actually prefer cooler temperatures. So there's no harm in popping your vase in the fridge overnight.

Still have questions? Need help with larger arrangements? Looking to host a "Girls' Night Out" where you can create little bouquets without making a mess of your own house? Give us a call or send us an email. We'd love to help!

We host monthly workshops for only $35 per person, we can create arrangements for any kind of events (including weddings, same-day deliveries, and holiday centerpieces), and we feature "Build-Your-Own-Bouquet Occasions" starting at only $20 per guest.